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Dec 31st, 2008 - 0 Comments - Posted in: news

A new year, a new website
After nearly a year entirely too long, Falken Creative v2.0 is ready to go... just in time for the New Year! This has been a personal project that I have been working on and off for the last couple months, between client work and my other activities, and I'm proud to be able to finally release it to the public. It's taken a while, but hopefully the wait has been worth it.

It seems like I learn something new in every project that I work on, and this one was no exception. A couple things I realized:

  • I would hate to have myself as a client
    I'm very detail oriented, and was especially picky on this project in an attempt to make everything perfect. In most cases, that attention to detail results in a higher quality product, and I think the site has improved as a result. However, it did significantly lengthen the design & development process.
  • I need to keep better track of my time
    Although I generally keep track of time spent on client projects, I don't always do that on personal projects like this one. That was a mistake -- I would like to see how long this took me. I'll have to look into a dedicated Mac app for that... Preferably free, and it doesn't need to be fancy.
  • Do the design first
    I tried something new when developing this site -- worrying less about design at first, and launching into coding with only a rough design idea in mind. That was a mistake, I have to admit, leading to a lot of wasted time later down the road. My code is a bit cleaner as a result, but I ended up rewriting the code a couple times as I tried out different design ideas. Some people may be able to skip the inital Photoshop step, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
  • I heart Coda
    I have used Coda in the past for other projects, but this was one of the first times I used it exclusively for my development. Although I have my gripes, the more I use it, the more I like it. Hopefully with some competition from Espresso, it'll get even better.

Thanks to...
A couple words of thanks to the sites that helped inspire me:, Merix Studio, Nathan Carnes, Clear Focus Designs, Viget Labs, and Toggle Design, and of course all the helpful folks at the KillerSites forums and the BoagWorld forums for their feedback during the design process. The site itself was designed and polished in Photoshop and hand-coded in Coda, using PHP, HTML, CSS and a dash of jQuery.

What's next?
Of course, my work isn't over yet... My portfolio is a bit light on content still, especially the graphic design & branding section, which I hope to correct in the near future. I'm still not 100% happy with the design of the home page, but I'll wait on that for now and see if it grows on me. I also need to integrate the site into some sort of CMS, either something like Wordpress or CMS Made Simple, or possibly a custom solution that would let me expand my PHP skills a bit.

Despite my attention to detail, there may be some things that have managed to slip through the cracks. If you happen to notice any errors or issues with the new site, or just have some comments for me, please contact me or send me a message via Twitter. Thanks!

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2009 will be a year of new opportunities and exciting challenges.

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